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ImmunoSearch Unveils Expanded Headquarters in Grasse

ImmunoSearch Unveils Expanded Headquarters in Grasse

Grasse, January 25, 2024 – ImmunoSearch, a pioneering force in the development of humane alternatives to animal testing, has officially unveiled its expanded service premises at its headquarters in Les Cyclades, Grasse. This significant milestone marks a new chapter in the company's commitment to innovation and ethical science.

Founded in 2007, ImmunoSearch has been at the forefront of predictive toxicology, developing two advanced skin tests and an ocular irritation test. The recent expansion doubles the operational space at the original site, effectively separating research and development (R&D) from service activities into two specialized laboratories. This strategic move underscores the company’s dedication to good laboratory practices and cutting-edge research.

The expanded facilities will support a range of new projects, including those focused on photosensitization, respiratory sensitizers, and tests for non-genotoxic carcinogens. These advancements reflect ImmunoSearch's ongoing mission to meet industrial needs with innovative and ethical research solutions.

With this expansion, ImmunoSearch continues to lead the way in developing predictive toxicology methods, reinforcing its position as a key player in the industry and demonstrating its unwavering commitment to ethical scientific practices.

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ImmunoSearch Advances Validation of SENS-IS Test for Medical Devices

ImmunoSearch is progressing in its efforts to validate the SENS-IS test for medical devices within the framework of ISO standards. Following the publication of a pre-validation study by Pellevoisin et al. (2021), which demonstrated the test's suitability for analyzing extracts with both polar and nonpolar solvents, ImmunoSearch is now focusing on further demonstrating its efficacy. Hydrophobic (nonpolar) solvents, which do not dissolve in water, are incompatible with conventional in vitro tests that involve cells in an aqueous medium. ImmunoSearch advocates for the use of reconstructed human epidermis, which allows the use of these solvents.

The SENS-IS test can evaluate any product that may come into contact with the skin under normal usage conditions. To further validate this, ImmunoSearch has tested a list of 29 chemicals published in ISO/DTS 11796, "Biological evaluation of medical devices — Requirements for interlaboratory studies to demonstrate the applicability of validated in vitro methods to assess the skin sensitization of medical devices." This study confirmed that the SENS-IS assay, using human reconstituted epidermis, is at least equivalent to animal models for testing medical devices.

ImmunoSearch's continued work underscores its leading position in developing in vitro assays aimed at ensuring product safety within an ethical framework.

ImmunoSearch Spearheads Innovative In Vitro Test Development in the NewGentoxIV Project

ImmunoSearch Spearheads Innovative In Vitro Test Development in the NewGentoxIV Project

ImmunoSearch is leading the charge in developing a revolutionary in vitro test for assessing non-genotoxic carcinogens, a pivotal initiative under the NewGentoxIV project. Leveraging an advanced 3D pulmonary model (Mucilair™, Epithelix) and cutting-edge single-cell RNA-sequencing technology, this project exemplifies the forefront of toxicological innovation.

This initiative is a collaborative effort involving esteemed local academic institutions such as IPMC , I3S, and ICN, and incorporates the artificial intelligence prowess of the leading startup NukkAI. The NewGentoxIV project, funded by BPI for four years, synergizes toxicogenomics, computational modeling, and AI, with groundbreaking outcomes anticipated by spring 2026.

The project underscores ImmunoSearch's dedication to advancing safer and more ethical scientific methodologies while positioning itself as a catalyst for multidisciplinary research. By bridging academic research with industrial innovation, ImmunoSearch is setting new benchmarks in evaluating potential carcinogens, promising significant advancements in public health and safety.

Stay tuned for more updates as ImmunoSearch progresses towards delivering impactful results in predictive toxicology, marking a significant leap forward in the field.

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