Françoise Cottrez, PhD in Science

Vice-President Molecular Biology

Françoise Cottrez is a distinguished molecular biologist with extensive expertise in PCR genomic analysis techniques. She earned her PhD in Science and began her career at the Institut Pasteur in Lille. Her professional journey includes a tenure as a research engineer at INSERM, where she contributed significantly to various scientific projects. She further honed her research skills during her four years in Dr. R.L. Coffman's laboratory at DNAX in the United States.

Françoise played a pivotal role in the creation of TxCell, where she served as the Scientific Director of Molecular Biology. At ImmunoSearch, she spearheaded the establishment of the quantitative PCR platform and the detection of skin toxicity biomarkers, showcasing her innovative approach and leadership in the field. Françoise's career is marked by her commitment to scientific excellence and her ability to drive groundbreaking research and development in molecular biology.